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Amethyst – Birthstone for February

Is it your birthday this month? If you’re a jewellery aficionado you probably already know your birthstone is the beautiful purple stone, the amethyst. The name comes from the Ancient Greek word for ‘intoxicated’. They believed the amethyst protected its owner from drunkenness - so it’s definitely worth investing in some birthstone jewellery if you’re planning a big night out for your birthday. 

The stone owes its violet color to irradiation, iron impurities and the presence of trace elements. It's otherworld colour has made amethyst popular throughout history. The ancient Egyptians used it to make jewellery, medieval soldiers wore amethyst amulets for protection in battle and Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that the stone was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence. Is there anything amethyst can't do?! 

More recently, Wallace Simpson (AKA The Duchess of Windsor, 'that woman' who Edward VIII abdicated the throne for) commissioned this stunning amethyst bib style necklace from Cartier:

It features 29 step-cut amethysts, a large heart-shaped amethyst, turquoise and diamonds.  After her death in 1986, the necklace sold at a Sotheby’s for £395,000. Definitely one for the big spenders out there.

Amethyst remains a favourite with the A-list to this day. Just look at these stunning earrings Jennifer Lawrence wore to last year's SAG awards:

We think Jennifer would love these stunning Hummingbird earrings from our Flight of Fancy range (Someone send this link to Chris Martin quick, before Valentine's Day!):


If Jennifer doesn't snap them up, you can sparkle like the A-list in one of the worlds most covetable semi precious stones.The large rose cut amethysts, support delicately carved hummingbirds in ruthenium plated silver. Purple silk tassels complete the luxury look. 

Wear these on your birthday soiree and you’re guaranteed a red carpet look that will to turn heads, but we just can’t promise you won’t have a hangover...  

Laura x

PS - Check in again next month for our March Birthstone Blog - Aquamarine 

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