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Mothers Day Competition

There's less than two weeks to go until Mother's Day. Have you decided how you're going to spoil the Mum in your life yet? We're hoping for a week's retreat in the Maldives, well, we can dream, can't we?!

To celebrate Mother's Day we've just launched a Facebook competition to win a Jana Reinhardt gift voucher worth £40 and it couldn't be simpler to enter. Just tell us the best piece of advice your Mum ever gave you. Or if you don't feel your Mum had any pearls of wisdom to impart, what's the best piece of advice you'd like to pass on to your kids/friends/neighbour etc. To take part click on our Facebook page and write your tip in the comments box.

To get you started, here are some of our favourite celebs and the words of advice their Mums gave them.

We all know Jerry Hall passed on her killer cheekbones and model figure to her daughter Georgia May Jagger (we think her lips are probably from her Dad), but she also handed down tips on feeling your best:

Georgia says, “She always just said to me—it sounds corny—but to be happy because that’s when you’re most beautiful and feel confident.”

Our favourite English eccentric Helena Bonham-Carter got some words of wisdom from her Mum, the suitably aristocratically named, Elena Propper de Callejón. Helena's Mum is actually a psychotherapist, so she should be an advice expert! 

Helena says, "My mum always said 'Never put your self-esteem in the hands of strangers' - that was a good one.” What does that mean? "Don’t read your critics."

Wonder where the super stylish Alexa Chung gets her sense of cool from? Just check out this snap of her and her Mum, Gillian:

Alexa also gets great advice from her Mum, saying: “It's an old one but there’s so much truth in it. 'Always be nice to people on the way up because you are sure to meet them on the way down.' "

Like Georgia, it's clear Fearne Cotton inherited her good looks from her Mum, Lin. But Fearne says her Mum has also passed on some gems of advice: "Always wear mascara’ is one of them. ‘ Don’t suffer fools’, probably not in those exact words but she’s taught me not to. And ‘Be an independent woman’, she’s always taught me to do that, without a doubt.”


There's some handy hints here, but come on, we bet you've got some better ones for our competition. We can't wait to hear them, so get entering! 

Best of luck! 

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