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Gold Plated Jewellery Care

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If you’re lucky enough to have a piece of gold vermeil jewellery, here’s some advice on how to keep it looking lovely for longer.

Gold vermeil finished jewellery, requires some extra care and attention. Gold vermeil is a layer of gold over sterling silver. At Jana Reinhardt Jewellery, we layer 2 microns on our necklaces and earrings; and 3 microns on our rings and bangles - as we consider they receive more daily punishment! We do advise however, that this layer of gold can wear away over time revealing the sterling silver beneath.

To protect this layer of gold, we recommend that you remove your jewellery when applying lotions and potions and to not wear it when showering or when swimming. Chlorine, especially at high temperatures can damage and discolour your gold vermeil jewellery. 

To restore the shine in your jewellery, we recommend gently rubbing the piece with a soft polishing cloth. For removing any daily dirt, carefully clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water before thoroughly drying.

When you’re not wearing your jewellery, please keep your pieces separately in a box so they don’t tangle or scratch against each other.

When worn every day, it is virtually impossible to keep the gold layer on rings and bangles intact. We recommend for you not to wear gold plated rings next to other rings as they would rub against each other resulting in the plating wearing off. Same goes for bangles. Highpoints and the back of rings will start first to show the silver underneath the plating.

Don't let this put you off wearing your favourite pieces every day though! We are more than happy to re-polish and re-plate your jewellery for you if need be. Just get in touch!

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