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casting gold


Casting on site means we can use your gold, recycling and reworking it into something designed just for you.


Ingot Castings

This process involves melting down your old jewellery (visit our Restyling page) and pouring the liquid metal into ingot formers. The resulting bar of metal is then rolled and formed into something new. Most things can be made this way but for things that can't, we use wax.

Lost Wax Casting

This process is incredibly accurate and picks up even the tiniest of details. A wax (visit our Wax Carving page) is made which is installed in a canister. Investment is poured into the canister over the wax and left to set. The canister is then heated until all of the wax has melted and run out and the resulting cavity is then injected with molten metal.

Our long standing relationship with our casters combined with our in house casting means that we can deliver fantastic value for money.

Precious metals we cast from in our Worthing Studio are as follows:

Sterling Silver (925)
9ct Yellow Gold (375)
9ct Rose Gold (375)
9ct White Gold (375)
14ct Yellow Gold (585)
14ct White Gold (585)
14ct Rose Gold (585)
18ct Yellow Gold (750)
18ct Rose Gold (750)
18ct White Gold (750)
22ct Yellow Gold (916)
Platinum (950)
Palladium (950)

Please contact us for more information.

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